Overnight in Most Isolated Town in USA? Whittier, Alaska | Newstates Go North: EP3

Overnight in Most Isolated Town in USA? Whittier, Alaska | Newstates Go North: EP3

Being isolated doesn’t mean gloomy. We show you what its like in Whittier Alaska; a town surrounded (literally) by beauty including hiking Portage glacier. And fudge.

We’re continuing our Ultimate Alaska road trip today and heading through a mountain on North America’s longest single lane highway tunnel. Once in Whittier, we’re taking you on one of Alaska’s most beautiful hikes over Portage Pass for epic views of Portage Glacier.

We spend the night in Whittier, cut off from the rest of the world each night when the tunnel closes (and the residents rarely need to leave their building in the winter when they brave over 21ft of snowfall) to show you why this is considered by many to be one of the most isolated towns in North America and on earth.

All summer, we’re exploring, sharing stories and meeting the people of the 49th State.

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Katelyn & Howard Newstate

Katelyn & Howard Newstate

Howard and Katelyn Newstate have traveled over 80,000 miles in their Winnebago Navion Class C RV, exploring from Alaska to mainland Mexico since 2018. Joined by their adventure pups, Piper, Ella and Scout, they share how to “Live Like a Local” in every New State they explore. For more information on their travels or the 51 Parks in 52 Weeks tour, visit NewstateNomads.com/NationalParks

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