Three Days in the Hospital, Dog Bite from Rescue Dog

Three Days in the Hospital, Dog Bite from Rescue Dog

A warning for every dog owner! How a small dog bite from our lovable rescue dog turned into a serious infection.

We’ve had some regression with our two puggles and newly adopted Mexican dog, Scout. Recently, the dogs have been fighting in the RV and I did what everyone (and common sense) tells you not to do. I tried to break it up by grabbing them and wound up with a dog bite. ⁣

The bite itself wasn’t bad, but the infection that followed was brutal. We went to urgent care as soon as it happened, they cleaned it and put me on amoxicillin. But within 24 hours, the swelling and pain was getting worse. Most concerning were the red streaks extending up my arm all the way to my shoulder, a major sign that infection is spreading and needs to be treated ASAP. ⁣

So a little over 24 hours after the dog bite happened, we headed to the ER where I was admitted and spent the next 3 days. They switched my antibiotics which I was receiving three times a day via IV. Thankfully, they did their job and no surgery was required to drain the infection. ⁣

Sadly, Scout, our rescue pup, was the one who bit me. She absolutely did not mean it and was in full defense mode. We went back to the drawing board on dealing with the dog aggression issues and enlisted the help of a professional dog trainer. ⁣

We still have a lot of work ahead of us to deal with the behavioral issues and it’s been an emotional few weeks.

Our thanks to Steve Delaney from the Dog House located in Breckenridge, Colorado as well as the amazing medical team at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco, Colorado.

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Katelyn & Howard Newstate

Katelyn & Howard Newstate

Howard and Katelyn Newstate have traveled over 80,000 miles in their Winnebago Navion Class C RV, exploring from Alaska to mainland Mexico since 2018. Joined by their adventure pups, Piper, Ella and Scout, they share how to “Live Like a Local” in every New State they explore. For more information on their travels or the 51 Parks in 52 Weeks tour, visit

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