Florida to Colorado ASAP! 1800 Mile RV Road Trip

Florida to Colorado ASAP! 1800 Mile RV Road Trip

The Newstates are back in the USA! Let’s kick things off with an epic 1,800 mile RV road trip from Tampa to Denver, plus an update since you last saw us…

Video Timestamps

0:00 Intro
0:39 We’re back in the RV!
1:05 Catching up on the past few months
1:28 Our Honda CR-V Died
2:18 Lectric eBikes – We got eBikes!
3:05 Buc-ee’s!
4:13 Mississippi to Texas
5:07 Bowie, Texas – cheap camping
6:39 Tacos in Bowie, Texas
7:07 Explaining Scout’s Dog Training Program
9:43 Driving to Amarillo, Texas
10:29 Texas BBQ & Brisket at Rudy’s Country Store
11:45 Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas
13:49 Free Camping North of Amarillo
14:40 Packing our bags for the hotel
15:26 Texas to Colorado
17:08 Checking into a dog-friendly hotel with 3 dogs
18:47 Preview of next week’s episode!

Our Top Tips for Visiting Riverbend Hot Springs

  1.  Stay overnight on the property! Whether you’re in an RV, looking for budget friendly options or even accommodations for a group, they have it all. Bonus: when you’re an overnight guest, you get unlimited soaking in the common pools (including the morning of your departure)! It’s the best bang for your buck!
  2. Book a private soak! They have 7 beautiful, private pools overlooking the river that can be reserved in 50 minute blocks. They are walled on three sides and the front open to the river. Tip: it’s cheaper to book these on the weekdays too.
  3. You must see the property at night! Jake, the owner, has an incredible eye for using fun lights to transform the property when the sun goes down. It’s truly magical!
  4. If you’re staying overnight, take advantage of last minute soaking the morning of your checkout. I practically had the pools to myself and it was incredibly peaceful with the morning sun over the river!

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Katelyn & Howard Newstate

Katelyn & Howard Newstate

Howard and Katelyn Newstate have traveled over 80,000 miles in their Winnebago Navion Class C RV, exploring from Alaska to mainland Mexico since 2018. Joined by their adventure pups, Piper, Ella and Scout, they share how to “Live Like a Local” in every New State they explore. For more information on their travels or the 51 Parks in 52 Weeks tour, visit NewstateNomads.com/NationalParks

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