In 2023, the Newstates are visiting the National Parks.

All 51 of them.

(in the continental USA)

About Us

Since hitting the road in 2018, Howard & Katelyn have traveled over 80,000 miles in our Winnebago Navion. Joined by our pups, Piper, Ella & Scout, our family has seen all corners of North America: Alaska (Twice!), Mainland Mexico and even the maritimes of Canada. Now, we’re kicking off an adventure to all the National Parks in the Continental US. 

51 Parks in 52 Weeks

Watch the entire series, from announcement until the 51st Park!

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About The Route

We’re visiting and sharing stories from all 51 US National Parks in the Continental USA. More details and counter of the parks to come!

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About the
Vista NPF

Inspired by our US National Parks, the Winnebago Vista National Park Foundation Limited Edition (Vista NPF) is designed to help explore the great outdoors. With expanded solar, lithium batteries, and an enhanced suspension, the Vista NPF is ready to go wherever the road takes you.

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